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AY's Story

AY is a producer, singer, songwriter and entrepreneur who powers his "Battery Tour" performances using renewable energy. He was recently named a UN Youth Leader for SDGs and performed at President Biden’s inauguration. AY is currently working on a Global Goals album, labeled Project17 in collaboration with earth's biggest artists to create one song for each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


About Battery Tour

The Battery Tour is a renewable-energy powered concert series that raises money through donations to purchase portable, solar powered boxes for villages that do not have reliable access to electricity.  It builds communities and inspires people to positively impact the world and build a better, more sustainable future together.  



AY Young is currently making the world’s first sustainable album containing 17 songs, 1 per each Sustainable Development Goal, recorded in partnership with the best artists in the world in a carbon neutral way. Other focuses are 17 sustainable tours and the education program in schools K-12 across the country. AY Young is a UN Young Leader from the U.S. and has held 800+ solar-powered performances across the country since 2012.

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