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AY's Story

AY is a singer, songwriter, entertainer, producer, and entrepreneur, to name a few, and is helping change the world daily. While touring the world throughout the past 10+ years, AY learned that over a billion people across the world lack access to electricity. Inspired by his parents’ tireless work revitalizing his community, he wanted to make a difference in the world – a big difference. In his own distinctive way. In response, AY founded the Battery Tour and began powering concerts using only renewable energy. 

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About Battery Tour

The Battery Tour is a renewable-energy powered grass-roots concert series that raises money through donations to promote, develop and deploy sustainable solutions & solar powered boxes for villages that do not have reliable access to electricity. It builds communities and inspires people to positively impact the world and build a better, more sustainable future together.  To date, there has been over 900+ concerts since 2012, using renewable energy sourced from Solar and battery power by Battery Tour



Music for impact. AY is currently producing "Project17". 1 song for each of the 17 United Nations Sustainable development goals. The 17 Global Goals, such as clean water, clean energy production, and life-saving health care, are supported by a 17 episode docu-series, 17+ sponsors, 17+ nonprofit organisations known as "implementation partners", and 17+ famous recording artists who are to inspire massive cross sector collaboration and impact. In addition 100% of the profits of album and tour will be donated to the implementation partners, and sustainable development projects. 

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