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What is Project17?

Music for impact. AY is currently producing "Project17". 1 song for each of the 17 United Nations Sustainable development goals. The 17 Global Goals, such as clean water, clean energy production, and life-saving health care, are supported by a 17 episode docu-series, 17+ sponsors, 17+ nonprofit organisations known as "implementation partners", an 17+ famous recording artists who are to inspire massive cross sector collaboration and impact. In addition 100% of the profits of album and tour will be donated to the implementation partners, and sustainable development projects. 

With international cooperation, the Battery Tour has revolutionized musical performance by introducing collaborative solutions to the global energy crisis. To advance his cause, AY has forged partnerships with corporate brands like Samsung, General Motors and BNP Paribas and civil society organizations like the Joint SDG Fund, Global Resilience Partnership, National Wildlife Federation, We Don’t Have Time, New Use Energy, Sauntr, Plastic Pollution Coalition, Ideas for Us, Faraday Foundation and Clever Carbon.


                                              Project17 Preview Tracks
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